Coindex is a UK based Crypto currency Mining Operation

Invest in Coindex Mining to be part of the UK's Crypto Mining Revolution

Coindex Ltd

Coindex is a collective of Technical Pioneers in the fields of Cryptocurrency Mining, Algorithmic Technologies, Forex Trading and Innovation.

After 6 years of experience In the Cryptocurrency market space, we are now seeking investment to surge our business model to the next level.

We pride ourselves on being ambassadors in ground breaking technology and are seeking an Angel Investor to partner with us in the next phase of our journey.

Why Invest in Coindex Cryptocurrency Mining?

Track record

Six years experience of cryptocurrency mining

UK Based

Be safe with a UK incorporated company

Mining Expertise

Dedicated team of crypto mining experts

Expertise in trading and FX

Our team are the Co-founders of the successful trading fund and education company Colmore FX

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