Business Plan

Be part of the £150bn+ Cryptocurrency Market with a UK based Mining Company

Business Model

We have developed our model with combined expertise in cryptocurrency, crypto mining and algorithms. Based on our current mining operation, we have upgraded the hardware/software specification to maximise profitability.

Elements of this plan are variable to allow margin within the changing landscape of mining. We are offering a robust and lucrative investment opportunity.

We are poised at the cutting edge of mining technologies and cryptocurrency investing. We are true advocates of digital currency.

We aim to create a partnership between our skill set and potential investors, to drive forward our aspirations for the next generation of tender.


2 Year Project

Equipment Inc VAT
Mining Hardware - 140 Units (Inc PSUs) £230,000
Import fees £5000
UPS Systems x2 £400
Server (Level 2 pool / node server) x2 £4000
Misc cables: Cat6 leads / Kettle leads £150
48-Port Gigabit £1000
Misc: Heat/Water detection/alert system £300
Cooling Fans x10 £4000
Shelving £500
Sub Total £245,350


Location - 2 year period Inc VAT
Premesis rent £12,566.4
Maintenance £576
Water £460.8
Base Electric £288
Sub Total £13,891.2

Total Costing

Total Inc VAT
Equipment £245,350
Location £13,891.2
Total Investment £259,241.2

Enquire About Investment

Flexible UK mining farm investment opportunities now available.

Referal Scheme

Know of investment sources? We are currently running an introductory fee structure for any completed funding obtained. Fill out the following contact form, to speak to a dedicated member of the Coindex business development team.

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